Richard Perry

Richard Perry

If you’re hanging with Richard it won’t be long before you’ll be laughing.

He always finds something funny in everything. But when the conversation is about people, their money and giving, you’ll find a deeply caring counselor who helps donors fulfill their passions and interests. Richard believes that successful major-gift fundraising is not fundamentally about securing revenue for good causes. Instead it is about helping donors express who they are through their giving. The Connections blog will provide practical information on how to do this successfully. Richard has more than 30 years of nonprofit leadership and fundraising experience, and is founding partner of the Veritus Group.

23 Qualities of Exceptional Leaders

Here is my list of the qualities and characteristics of exceptional leaders I have collected over the 45 years of my career.

Frontline Fundraiser Credentials: 6 Things That Matter

A frontline fundraiser can have a long list of credentials (schools attended, diplomas, certifications, etc.) and be a total failure at actually doing major gifts. Conversely, a frontline fundraiser can have no schooling, no credentials, no certifications and be an outstanding high-achieving frontline fundraiser.

Be Careful With Wealth Ratings

Using data in the form of stories, not statistics, is a powerful idea that applies to major gifts as it relates to wealth data.

Provide Options In Your Ask

Here is how one major gifts officer turned a donor’s $2,600 annual giving one year into a gift of $56,500 the following year.

The Problem With Giving Societies and Membership Programs

The good part about an annual society or membership fee is that it is repeated, so there is donor and value retention. The bad part about it is that the donor is not asked to increase giving or give again in the same year. We have trained the donor to give your society or membership gift and you have done all that is needed this year.