Choosing Between Revenue From Members and Donors
March 16, 2015

Do I really think we need to make a choice between members and donors? Nope. We just need to manage both of the programs better and make sure they are treated in a holistic and integrated manner.

Real-World Fundraising Tactics for Membership Organizations
August 1, 2014

"I already paid my dues. Why am I being asked for a donation?" For membership organizations, this can be a feared response from members. However, a well-crafted case for support and creative approaches to fundraising can help change your membership’s culture into one of philanthropy.

Nonprofit Membership Organizations Falter Post-Recession, Study Shows
May 1, 2014

The Great Recession and subsequent recovery appear to have taken a heavy toll on nonprofit organizations that rely on members for voluntary and financial support, a new Indiana University report shows. Nonprofit membership organizations in Indiana lost more than 1,000 employees and over $15.6 million (adjusted for inflation) in payroll from 2007 to 2011. Those organizations include trade unions, political groups, business associations and fundraising organizations.

4 Lessons From Psychology to Turn Your Members Into Donors
October 30, 2013

The easiest place to look for new donors is among your member base. Current members understand your value and enjoy your work. So how do you convert your current financially motivated members into donors who are philanthropically motivated to help your organization achieve its mission? Here are four ways to use human psychology to convert your members to donors: 1. Tell your story. 2. Listen. 3. Segment. Thanks and reinforce.

Looking Back: Above and Beyond (2006)
February 28, 2013

Getting people to write checks to support your organization can be tough. But what of those folks who already are writing you a check every year? What of your members? In the July 2006 issue, then FS Associate Editor Abny Santicola explored how to encourage members to see the “added benefit” of giving "Above and Beyond" their membership dues.

Membership Has Its Privileges
April 1, 2012

Over the course of about six weeks, I received member/partner/supporter cards from 18 different organizations.

Membership Really Does Have Its Privileges
April 1, 2012

The ball drops in Times Square, and next thing you know, Chez Seville is lousy with membership cards. Over the course of about six weeks, I received member/partner/supporter cards from 18 different organizations.

Personalized URLs Work for Nonprofits
April 1, 2011

Today, every fundraiser understands that direct mail can't do it all. Any campaign needs the other channels, to some extent ... and ideally on the same page. And while the closely coordinated direct-mail and e-mail campaigns are both popular and successful today, perhaps the most effective demonstration of the offline-online marriage is a personalized URL (PURL) campaign.