Database Marketing

Data Transparency: Are You a Frog in Hot Water?
June 23, 2015 at 1:03 pm

According to Lisa Scott, data can be as dangerous as it is a success factor if you are not careful. She is absolutely spot-on and reminds us that transparency isn't just for commercial companies anymore. You all know from my other blogs how important I believe data is to our success in the nonprofit industry. But, it is not enough to just say “data"—it’s about data strategies, business rules, organizational priorities and much more when you think through your data.

Big Data and Analytics for Nonprofits
March 1, 2015

Data has long been at the heart of direct marketing. In the nonprofit world, data allowed us to rent lists of people who had shown a propensity toward giving to causes similar to ours. On the cultivation side, data permitted us to choose which donors to mail based upon previous history and tailor messages to their interests. This smart use of data let us provide donors what they wanted rather than cluttering up their mailboxes with irrelevant offers. And it allowed nonprofits to raise more dollars at a lower cost to more efficiently and effectively feed hungry children, cure life-threatening cancer and support our wounded veterans.

Does Bad Software Hurt Nonprofits?
February 12, 2015

The short answer is yes. If your data-tracking systems need their own organization charts or binders full of complicated instructions, then your software infrastructure is definitely broken.