New York

Many nonprofit organizations in New York are deeply concerned they will lose significant contributions from wealthy donors if a pending state budget proposal becomes law. The proposal would reduce the charitable-contribution deductions allowed for individual donors who are “high earners.”

Gov. David Paterson and the state legislature are in a bitter battle as they try to finalize a budget during the bad economic times, but they apparently have agreed on a proposal that would allow the approximately 3,500 New York taxpayers who earn more than $10-million annually to deduct on their state tax returns only 25 percent of their charitable contributions rather than the current 50 percent.

New York, Feb. 12, 2010, The New York Times It will be years before the impact of Haiti’s earthquake on Haitians in New York can be fully measured. But as the local population rushes to respond — increasing remittances to relatives in Haiti, welcoming others who are fleeing the destruction, or mourning the dead — two of the city’s major charities are pitching in to help.

Jan. 20, 2010, New York, Associated Press —Nonprofit groups that specialize in investigative reporting have had some big scoops, cracking the front page of such newspapers as The Washington Post and forcing officials out of their jobs. Now the question is whether these organizations can stay afloat on donations.

Jan. 19, 2010, New York — The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) the leading global trade association of businesses and nonprofit multichannel direct marketers, today announced they will begin a search for a new President & CEO to replace John A. Greco, Jr.  Mr. Greco has resigned his role effective today and DMA has organized a search committee to identify possible candidates.

Jan. 17, 2010, The New York Times Since April, they have spruced up a dozen city blocks, helped give 164,000 flu vaccinations and installed 178,000 compact fluorescent bulbs in public housing. They are volunteers, part of an ambitious New York effort to tap unpaid workers as a permanent, strategic element in solving city problems.

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