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While giving to most charities has remained largely flat in recent years, contributions to donor-advised funds are growing at eye-popping double-digit rates. What this explosion means for the nonprofit world is the subject of growing debate.

As the debates about donor-advised funds grow more intense, it’s worth looking closely at five of the myths that their proponents like to advance when anyone suggests that it’s time to require the funds to distribute a minimum sum, and to examine what’s wrong with their arguments.

Most nonprofits are seeking ways to expand their online fundraising and successfully access the new funds that are moving online each year. Here are three onling-giving performance indicators to measure.

It's always interesting to see how far technology has come and how rapidly things change. Online fundraising has continued to rapidly and drastically grow and evolve, just as it has since the advent of the Internet. In our July 2005 issue, FS took a look at how online fundraising had grown since the turn of the millennium, hitting a number of different organizations. In the story, Pamela Barden, then with the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, discussed how IFCJ engaged younger donors online.

Listen in as some of fundraising's freshest thinkers take on some of the sector's toughest topics — the things that should be top of mind in the new year.

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