Russ Reid

Study tracks donor types, causes they fund
June 17, 2011

Different kinds of donors tend to support different kinds of charitable causes, a new study says.

Only a minority of religious donors support specifically religious work through nonprofits, for example, while black donors are twice as likely as white donors to support higher education, and the causes people choose to support often are quite dependent on their political views, says Heart of the Donor, a study commissioned by Russ Reid and conducted by Grey Matter Research & Consulting.

Brewer Direct Adds to Rescue Mission Client Portfolio
June 6, 2011

Los Angeles-based Brewer Direct has inked agency of record agreements to manage direct response fundraising programs for the Kansas City Rescue Mission and Gospel Rescue Ministries of Washington D.C. The additions bring the agency’s roster of Rescue Mission clients to 18 nationwide.

Work for the Kansas City Rescue Mission will focus on developing a new, fully integrated donor acquisition strategy. For Gospel Rescue Ministries, Brewer Direct will design, implement and manage end-to-end direct response fundraising campaigns across multiple channels.

Report: Churches, Charities Not in Competition for Dollars
February 15, 2011

Houses of worship and other charities often aren't in competition for dollars but instead tend to reap donations from similar donors, a new study shows. Slightly more than 50 percent of people who financially supported congregations also gave to at least one charitable organization in the last year, according to a study conducted by Phoenix-based Grey Matter Research Consulting.

Researchers also found that the more Americans give to a house of worship, the more they donate to other groups. And the trend continues with the generosity of the donor.

5 Steps to Making Direct-Response Fundraising Work Again
February 8, 2011

The primary objective of direct-response fundraising is to acquire and cultivate donors to generate the maximum net income for nonprofit programs over the long haul. But precious few direct-response fundraising campaigns these days accomplish that objective. Hence the budget problems of so many nonprofits — the cutbacks, the turnover in development staff and the lack of funds to accomplish the mission.