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'I Would Like to See Mobile Go Away.' He Said What?
January 20, 2012

As part of our January cover story, we asked some fundraising pros to fill in these blanks: "My favorite trend right now is ______. I would like to see _____ just go away." Some of their answers were pretty surprising, with things likes mobile giving, special events and good ol' No. 10s being wished off the face of the fundraising earth.

The Right Moves
January 1, 2012

To usher in 2012, we asked a plethora of fundraising pros with expertise in a variety of areas to share some of their best tips for their fellow fundraisers. We also wanted to know what their favorite (and least favorite) things are that are going on in fundraising.

Final Thoughts on Fundraising 2011
December 30, 2011

Well, this is it, folks — our last chance to talk about fundraising in 2011 while it's still 2011. We know you're all busy sending out those last-minute e-mail appeals, but when you finally click "send" one last time this year, grab yourself a cup of cheer and settle in with some fellow fundraisers as they share their thoughts on fundraising 2011.

Landmark study reveals online giving hat trick: donor experience, December and disaster
December 8, 2010

The Online Giving Study: A Call to Reinvent Donor Relationships, from Network for Good and TrueSense Marketing and sponsored by AOL, reveals important insights about digital philanthropy: People seem to give more when the online experience is intimate and emotionally coherent, and they also give online for reasons of convenience, especially at the end of the year and during large-scale disasters.

Do You Practice What You Preach?
October 13, 2010

As fundraisers, it's not only your duty to ask. It's your duty to give, too. Practice what you preach. Because if you don't make the effort to give to others, why would others bother to give to you?

10 Creative Strategies to Cut Through the Clutter
June 15, 2010

During their presentation, “30 Ideas in 60 Minutes: Your Hour of Creative Power," at the Association of Fundraising Professionals Fund Raising Day in New York held last Friday, Jeff Brooks, creative director at TrueSense Marketing; Moira Kavanagh Crosby, president of MKDM; and Dennis Lonergan, president of Eidolon Communications, provided direct-response and online fundraising strategies to make your fundraising solicitations stand out from the crowd. Here, Crosby outlines her 10 strategies from the session.