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Focusing Your Message on What Motivates Your Donors
May 12, 2014

Do your donors think rationally when they give a gift? At the start of this video, you’ll be asked a question by Jeff Brooks, creative director at TrueSense Marketing. The question is about making a gift. My guess is, just like your donors, you’ll probably get the answer wrong.

As the rest of the video unfolds, you’ll have a better understanding of what you’ll need to focus on when putting your message or story together.

Questions I'm Most Often Asked About Direct-Mail Fundraising
January 16, 2014

Jeff Brooks, creative director at multichannel fundraising agency TrueSense Marketing, answers the questions he's most often asked about direct-mail fundraising:

Is the Internet the death knell for direct mail?

Not even close. Direct mail is a long way from death. It's still the most effective fundraising medium (after the church offering basket), and it's many times more effective than email.

Fundraising Advice From Katya Andresen Over the Years
May 23, 2013

With Katya Andresen exiting stage left from the nonprofit blogging world and taking over as CEO of ePals, we share some of the tremendous fundraising tips she has been gracious enough to pass on to our readers through our various publications.

Better Donor Communications Or Creative Destruction?
March 8, 2013

There’s no question that poor donor communications is a core driver of poor retention. This is something most organizations can fix. But let’s raise the ante a bit. Let me posit that too many nonprofits out there are not making a difference. Or, putting it more charitably, maybe their performance has peaked! Look at your organization closely. Do you need better communications or a poison pill?

Looking Back: The Better Newsletter
January 24, 2013

In the December 2007 issue, columnist Jeff Brooks, then creative director at Merkle and now creative director at TrueSense Marketing, provided four steps to give your newsletter maximum positive impact with donors in his column, "The Better Newsletter."