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Should Class Action Leftovers Go to Charity?
February 11, 2015

The Oregon House of Representatives passed a bill this week that would change some aspects of how class action lawsuits are handled in Oregon, against the wishes of most Republican members. On its face, the bill would require at least half the unclaimed money in a class action lawsuit to be given to the Oregon State Bar's legal aid fund and sometimes to a cause related to the subject of the suit. (For example, an environmental nonprofit in a case regarding pollution.)

Finding the 'Right' Way to Dispose of Ill-Gotten Gains by Donating to Charity
February 9, 2015

Several years ago, a large European company asked Thomas M. DiBiagio to run an internal audit on its South African operations. The company suspected that something might be amiss. And it was right. In the course of the audit, he discovered about $12 million that might best be described as ill-gotten gains. DiBiagio, now a partner at the law firm Baker Botts, reported what he found to the company’s management and suggested something novel: Since the money had been earned “from aggressive business practices” the company should give it to charity.

Simple Search Engine Optimization Techniques for Nonprofits
March 14, 2014

Say you’re launching a new political campaign or organization. What’s the first way people will try to find you? They’ll go to their trusty search engine and type in your name. It’s critical that your official website shows up in the first page of results, in the top few choices above the fold if possible. How do you make that magic happen? Here are some search engine optimization tips that will help you land at the top of the heap.

New Website Offers Inside Look at Grant Makers, Including Anonymous Reviews
February 3, 2014

The online world is full of anonymous opinions: Diners review restaurants, students rate professors, patients evaluate doctors. Now fundraisers are getting their turn. A new website, Inside Philanthropy, is asking them to “Speak Truth to Money” and say what they really think about foundations, program officers and philanthropists.

The anonymous-ratings feature is part of a broader effort by the online venture’s founder, David Callahan, to penetrate philanthropy’s inner sanctums.

How to Bring Great Content Home Every Time
January 28, 2014

Despite the emphasis on content marketing for nonprofits — crafting the right content to motivate each specific group to take the action you desire — there’s one important ingredient left out of the discussion time and time again. Copy editing — checking for spelling, grammar, consistency and accuracy. Are you investing the time and resource to polish that compelling content before you distribute it? Based on the content I see from many nonprofit organizations, the answer is “sometimes.”

Get Corporate Donations in 4 Easy Steps
December 3, 2013

The benefits of corporate donors extend beyond their monetary contributions. They give your organization a publicity boost, which can spark an increase in donations from individuals and other companies. If you are a fundraiser seeking corporate donations, here are four steps you can follow to align your nonprofit with a company’s brand, goals and mission and form an enduring alliance: 1. Know the company's background. 2. Focus on employees. 3. Keep it local. 4. Aim for ongoing collaboration.

Is Your Nonprofit Prepared for a Crisis?
October 10, 2013

How quickly an organization responds to a crisis and how transparent it is in its communications will determine how rapidly it will emerge from the crisis and, in some cases, its long-term survival and reputation.

Crisis communications planning is a long-term, comprehensive process. But here are a few key points to keep in mind: 1. Have a crisis communications plan. 2. Make sure your plan is updated. 3. Practice your plan on a regular basis. 4. Don't let your plan gather dust.