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Is Your Nonprofit Prepared for a Crisis?
October 10, 2013

How quickly an organization responds to a crisis and how transparent it is in its communications will determine how rapidly it will emerge from the crisis and, in some cases, its long-term survival and reputation.

Crisis communications planning is a long-term, comprehensive process. But here are a few key points to keep in mind: 1. Have a crisis communications plan. 2. Make sure your plan is updated. 3. Practice your plan on a regular basis. 4. Don't let your plan gather dust.

This Is Our Time for Storytelling: 3 Tips for Writing About Social Change From an Award-Winning Author
June 26, 2013

Storytelling can influence social change. And the time is now. Today, each of us has the opportunity, and the platform, to not only share our stories but also to play a role in creating positive impact by informing the global conversation. Beverly Schwartz, VP of global marketing at Ashoka, author of “Rippling: How Social Entrepreneurs Spread Innovation throughout the World,” shares three (and a half) storytelling tips: 1. Be your own change. 2. Speak from your heart, share your truth. 3. Accessible, relevant and realistic examples allow others to see their own power.

Do Not Let This Happen to Your Organization
February 15, 2013

While volunteer and professional fundraisers must have useful information to effectively perform, organizations must protect sensitive items and keep them confidential. I’m going to provide you with eight tips that will help you keep your organization safe and your prospects and donors happy. Before a crisis happens at your organization, take the time to review your organization’s own prospect research and information sharing protocols.

Postal Service Announces New Delivery Schedule
February 11, 2013

The United States Postal Service announced plans to transition to a new delivery schedule during the week of Aug. 5, 2013, that includes package delivery Monday through Saturday, and mail delivery Monday through Friday. The Postal Service expects to generate cost savings of approximately $2 billion annually, once the plan is fully implemented.

Group Aims to Be a Conduit for WikiLeaks Donations
December 17, 2012

A group advocating a more transparent government has formed a nonprofit organization called the Freedom of the Press Foundation to serve as a conduit for donations to organizations like WikiLeaks. The goal is to insulate those groups’ fundraising efforts from political and business pressures.

In December 2010, Visa, MasterCard and PayPal announced that they would no longer accept transactions for WikiLeaks, the online leak group that released thousands of secret documents from the American government. The move to cut off donations eliminated the vast majority of financing for WikiLeaks.

Companies Step Up With Million-Dollar Donations for Sandy Relief
November 9, 2012

Additional million-dollar donations for recovery efforts following Superstorm Sandy from a broad spectrum of corporations were announced this week. As of midweek, the Coach Foundation had joined the ranks of seven-figure contributors to Sandy recovery efforts, pledging $2 million to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund, while apparel company PVH Corp. announced a donation of $1 million, to be shared equally by the Red Cross, the Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City and the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund.

New York Times Drops Philanthropy as Special Area of Coverage
March 9, 2012

The New York Times has eliminated its philanthropy beat, a move that could make it harder for nonprofits to get their stories told to a national audience.

The newspaper was one of the last daily newspapers to employ a reporter to cover national nonprofits on a full-time basis. That reporter, Stephanie Strom, is now writing about business.

Stephanie Yera, a spokeswoman for the New York Times Co., said the newspaper would still cover philanthropy-related stories “across news desks.”