Twitter Co-Founder Pushes New Effort to Use Technology for Social Good
February 24, 2011

The Twitter co-founder Biz Stone plans to announce tonight that he is joining forces with a nonprofit technology group to start ConvergeUS, a charity that seeks to combat social problems with new technology. The nonprofit’s goal is to make resources of large technology companies more available to nonprofit, academic, and government organizations, said Rey Ramsey, chief executive of TechNet, who said he approached Mr. Stone to work with his group.

Online Game Draws Attention—and Money—for the Needy
February 15, 2011

Spent, an interactive online game developed by the social-service organization Urban Ministries of Durham and North Carolina ad agency McKinney, which donated its services, is an online interactive game that educates people about poverty and homelessness. Players navigate the game by making decisions that could severely affect their health, finances,children’s well-being and work life. The goal is to show the choices a needy person must make every month. At the end of the game, people are asked to donate, volunteer or play again.

Foundation Source Debuts Access, First Online Philanthropy Network Connecting Nonprofits and Private Foundations
February 11, 2011

Foundation Source, provider of support services for private foundations, announced the launch of Foundation Source Access, a new online platform that connects nonprofits with private foundations in order to help them raise money easily and cost-effectively. Access introduces private foundations to discover and fund a wide range of the latest and most urgent fundraising projects for support. Access also serves as an innovative philanthropy network, allowing nonprofit and foundation peers to share lessons learned and strategic insights.

Are You Spending Too Much on Technology?
January 26, 2011

Is your nonprofit organization throwing too much money at technology — money that could be put to better use helping accomplish your mission?

HP remakes corporate philanthropy by donating its expertise to nonprofits
January 25, 2011

Hewlett-Packard is reshaping its policies on giving away money to nonprofit causes. Now the company will not just give away money. It will also donate the expertise of its employees to build solutions for nonprofits.

The change in policy makes sense, as the value of HP’s technology expertise could be far more useful, in conjunction with a donation, than just writing checks to charities, said Paul Ellingstad, a director in the office of global social innovation at HP, in an interview.

The Government also wants shops to offer customers the opportunity to “round up the pound” when using a debit or credit card, with the extra money going to charity.

Under the proposals, anyone making sizeable charitable donations would get letters from ministers.

Any National Lottery winners who donated part of their windfall to good causes would be publicised on television.

New Effort Rallies Americans to Donate Tax Cuts to Charity
January 4, 2011

If you don’t think Congress should have extended the Bush-era tax cuts this month, why not donate your own tax savings to charity? That’s an idea that three professors are promoting on a new Web site called Give It Back for Jobs.

The site, which helps people calculate their own tax cut under the deal that President Obama struck with House Republicans, was created by Jacob Hacker, a professor of political science, and Daniel Markovits, a professor of law, at Yale University; and Robert Hockett, a professor of law at Cornell University.

WPP Digital acquires Blue State Digital, LLC
January 3, 2011

WPP, the world’s largest communications services group, announces that it has agreed to acquire all the assets of privately held Blue State Digital, LLC (BSD) in the United States and the United Kingdom through WPP Digital, the digital investment and operating arm of WPP. Blue State Digital is a full-service digital agency specializing in advocacy, membership and fundraising campaigns for nonprofits, educational and cultural institutions, political campaigns and corporate brands.