My Content Is More Viral Than Your Content
July 1, 2011

There's no surefire formula for creating viral content. However, there are a few attributes that most viral things have in 
common. If you follow the eight recommendations below, the material you create is much more likely to be passed along.

Are You Teasing Me?
June 16, 2011

Donors see your envelope first — and maybe last. If there is nothing that captures attention, you’re sunk.

Training for 
May 1, 2011

These 12 strategies aren't the only things I'd do to transform my donor-development office. They may not even be the most urgent things I'd do, or even the most important. But they are the things I'd do that I think would have the most lasting impact. They would make the most difference to converting my imaginary donor-development department from the under-funded, misunderstood appendage to the fundraising function that I found on joining the organization into the finely honed, high-
earning core activity that I'd like to leave behind when, in the fullness of time, I move on to pastures new (you have to indulge me a little here, in this fantasy). Anyway, here we go.