When Jon Thompson joined Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), he was tasked with discovering, “How does technology advance philanthropy?” He and his team decided using wealth as an indicator was not enough, so they began creating scores for a donor’s attachment to and potential psychological engagement with the organization. Upon building new segmented lists, CHOP’s direct response rates climbed 85% and donors contributed a 25% higher gift size.

In this episode of The NonProfit Voice Tech Series, Thompson, now associate vice president of philanthropic strategy and technology at CHOP, and Nathan Chappell, senior vice president of DonorSearch AI, join host Mark Becker to discuss artificial intelligence and donor prospecting — and even Scrooge McDuck and the “philanthropic version of ‘Moneyball.’” 

Listen to the episode to learn more about CHOP’s testing with artificial intelligence (including major gifts), as well as the ethical use of AI and the impact AI has on nonprofit jobs.

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