Last summer, Habitat for Humanity in Bowling Green/Warren County hosted a Blitz Build, in which the organization constructed 10 of the 30 homes it had committed to build as part of the three-year initiative. 

“When it came to the Blitz Build itself, we were looking at what ended up being 700 volunteers in five days,” Macie Wheeler, mission engagement director at Habitat for Humanity in Bowling Green/Warren County. “… We had zero hiccups when it came to that. Everyone was able to register before even coming out to the drop site. Register online and do all their paperwork — all their waivers and emergency contact electronically. And then we were able to check in and check out 700 people on an iPad.”

In this episode of The NonProfit Voice Tech Series, Wheeler and Geng Wang, CEO and co-founder of Civic Champs, join Mark Becker, editorial advisory board member for NonProfit PRO, to discuss the impact of switching from paper-based volunteer management to a volunteer management software after a slew of tornadoes hit the area.

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