Monthly Giving

How Often Should You Thank Recurring Donors?
June 12, 2014

People often ask me, is it important to thank recurring donors every month? The answer depends on how they gave in the first place. When someone becomes a recurring donor offline, say through direct mail, telemarketing, face-to-face, TV or any other "offline" medium, I always recommend sending an immediate snail-mail thank-you letter for joining but then after that NOT to send donors monthly thank-you letters.

For online credit card recurring donors, where a monthly thank-you email is typically generated automatically, I recommend something slightly different.

The Dark Side of Nonprofit Monthly Giving
March 26, 2014

Nonprofit monthly giving is awesome. It results in increased donor retention and loyalty. But here’s the drawback: If your organization is still in acquisition mode, instead of all-out gratitude mode, your program can end up being one big flop. As Joe Garecht notes, “Stopping a monthly giving relationship takes a proactive step from the donor, one they are unlikely to take unless they really mean to stop their support for a particular nonprofit.”

When you don’t love your monthly donors, you could end up with angry donors.

The Next Big Thing in Fundraising: Monthly Giving Programs
March 26, 2014

To increase the likelihood of turning your casual donors into recurring donors and, eventually, lifelong fundraisers and major donors, as well as build a recurring revenue model for you organization, consider the following six tactics: Create a hub of information, stories and recognition for the program. Recruit a group of highly engaged individuals before your public launch. Treat these individuals like investors, and make them feel special. Offer a low point of entry. Talk about the impact of your program. Create relationships and community.

Why Monthly Giving Matters for Every Nonprofit
February 25, 2014

Launching a monthly giving program can be a powerful strategy for nonprofits both large and small. Studies over the past decade have shown that monthly givers give more money and stay with a nonprofit longer than non-monthly givers. Here are some of the reasons why monthly giving is so important for every nonprofit: Monthly donors give more, while monthly giving programs build strong relationships, provide a stable foundation for your nonprofit and lower fundraising costs.

Fight for Your Right to Keep Your Monthly Donors (… and Party)
February 17, 2014

In retaining your monthly donors, here’s the first step: Denounce the set-and-forget mindset. Good, now that that is complete, you can develop a strategy that actively engages your monthly donors and reminds them why their gifts are critical to the population your organization serves. And if you don’t, how will you ever upgrade their monthly gift amounts? Learn more about International Justice Mission’s annual upgrade strategy.

Monthly Donors: Small Is Beautiful! (Monthly Giving Myths Debunked)
January 31, 2014

Monthly giving is probably the one fundraising program surrounded by the highest number of myths. All of these myths are used as reasons not to start … Well, if the many recent discussions about retention are any indication, you have every reason to run, not walk, to get started with monthly giving. Simply because the impact on retention is huge!

Did you know that those nonprofits that started years ago are now seeing between 90 percent and 98 percenty of their monthly donors still with them?