70 Nonprofit Trends for 2015
February 1, 2015

To get a handle on what’s in store for 2015, NonProfit PRO rounded up some of the nonprofit industry’s finest, who were kind enough to share these 70 trends for this new year — everything from leadership to staffing to fundraising and more.

4 Tips for Measuring Outcomes Instead of Activities
June 18, 2014

In more than 20 years of working with nonprofits, I’ve found that one of the most common frustrations is how to make use of limited resources to conduct evaluations that show an organization’s impact and meet grant makers’ expectations. Here are four suggestions to help: 1. Aim at the right outcomes. 2. Use existing research. 3. Consider indirect measurements. 4. Focus on measuring what matters to funders.

Podcast: Looking at Your Donor Database's Leaky Bucket
June 16, 2014

Listen to Russ Reid's Roger Hiyama discuss an important key performance indicator for any fundraiser's donor database, cover ratio, in this excerpt from the Engage Virtual Workshop, "Driving Donations With Data."

Stop Measuring Activities and Start Measuring Outcomes
May 28, 2014

In my 20-plus years working in the nonprofit world, one of the most common mistakes I’ve seen nonprofits make is measuring activities instead of outcomes. I understand why: Measuring activities is easier, and nonprofits have limited time to dedicate to measurement. But measuring activities isn’t going to help nonprofits demonstrate their value and secure more funds.

When groups measure program efforts — teaching, training, negotiating, feeding, researching and so on — they’re measuring activities. Outcomes, on the other hand, are the results of those activities: changed awareness, behavior, condition or status.