Engage P2P Conference Is Next Week
October 15, 2014

Join FundRaising Success in Washington, D.C., next week for our inaugural peer-to-peer conference, Engage P2P: Redefining Peer to Peer.

On the Rocks, Please
September 3, 2014

Part of the power of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is that it relies on specific, one-on-one invitations to participate.

Are You Ready for Grassroots Fundraising? (Part 2)
February 16, 2012

Following are three additional differences I have experienced between grassroots fundraising and working as a fundraiser for an organization with a broader constituent base. While neither one is better nor necessarily easier, moving from one to the other without being aware of the differences can lead to failure — both for you as a fundraiser and possibly to the nonprofit (at least short term).

Are You Ready for Grassroots Fundraising? (Part 1)
February 9, 2012

Some distinctions make a big difference for fundraising and fundraisers. One of the significant ones is whether the nonprofit is grassroots or working with a broader constituency. There are differences, and failure to consider them can result in your failure as a fundraiser and even lead to the nonprofit's eventual demise.

Campaign Strategies to Achieve Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Goals
January 11, 2012

As peer-to-peer fundraising becomes easier to adopt, the methodology has been adapted for many different types of campaigns. Depending on your goals, you might consider one of the following types of peer-to-peer campaign strategies.