Farewell, Digital World. (It’s All for a Cause.)
November 30, 2010

Wednesday is World AIDS Day, and many celebrities will stop communicating via Twitter and Facebook. They will not be resuscitated, they say, until their fans donate $1 million.

It’s all part of the latest gambit by the singer-songwriter Alicia Keys to raise money for her charity, Keep a Child Alive, which finances medical care and support services for children and families affected by H.I.V. and AIDS in Africa and India.

Minnesotans give big during 'Give to the Max Day'
November 22, 2010

In just one day, 42,596 donors logged on to during the second annual Give to the Max Day on Nov. 16. This was 4,000 more donors than in last year’s successful giving day. Minnesota nonprofit organizations were given $10,041,021 in 24 hours, reflecting donations as well as matching grants and prizes that were awarded. GiveMN has helped raise $27 million for nonprofit organizations across the state since launching in November 2009.

Minnesota nonprofits rev up for give-a-thon
November 15, 2010

More than 3,000 Minnesota charities, churches, schools and nonprofits are bracing for one of their biggest fundraising days of the year Tuesday -- "Give to the Max Day."

The 24-hour online giving blitz, which raked in an astounding $14 million last year, has generated a blizzard of creative ideas to call attention to the big day.

Nearly Naked Mile run at FGCU raises money for charity
November 1, 2010

Florida Gulf Coast University students showed a lot of skin and stripped down to the bare essentials Saturday in the main courtyard to raise money for charity. The Nearly Naked Mile, organized by FGCU’s chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon, caused all of the almost-nudity. Students came wearing clothes they no longer wanted and then striped them off, creating an entire table’s worth of clothes in a pile at least two feet high that will be donated to Goodwill.

Trends in the Fundraising Sector
October 26, 2010

Analyzing trends in the fundraising world is important on many levels. It lets you know what's happening in the industry, what that may mean for the future and how it compares to the past. Studying trends also lets you know where you stand compared to other organizations, allowing you to pinpoint what your organization is doing well and what it needs to work on.

Charities Gain Traction in Marathons
October 25, 2010

In the field of 43,000 at the New York City Marathon, 7,400 will be running for charity, an increasingly viable way to get into the coveted race for those who do not beat the long lottery odds, qualify by time or live near enough to participate in 10 required races in New York.

Running for charity has been a common way to enter other major marathons for decades.

6 Tips for Communicating in a Way That Truly Resonates
October 19, 2010

At a time when people are tweeting, blogging, e-mailing and more 24/7, the best way to genuinely connect and create change is via truly human, in-person presentations. To help you get started creating presentations that really stick with your audiences, here are a few tips on how you can incorporate repeatable sound bites.

'We Generation': Tweens volunteer, start non-profits
October 15, 2010

Despite what you may have heard, tweens aren't all about social networking, iPods, the mall and celebrities. Growing numbers of pre-teens and early teens are giving tweens a new face: a socially responsible young citizen. They're not only doing good in their local communities, but having a global impact. Some have created their own non-profits, and most have websites enlisting the support of kids like themselves who also want to help others.

Nonprofits to get rent-free use of Sovereign Bank Stadium
October 14, 2010

The York County Industrial Development Authority and the York Revolution will grant Bridge of Hope of York County and the York County Library System $5,000 worth of marketing expenses and other perks to host events rent-free in Sovereign Bank Stadium next year, the authority and the team said Wednesday.

The Secret Superheroes of Fundraising
October 1, 2010

Get your expectations in the right order and you'll have a happy relationship — and a productive one — with your board. Here's what you can count on — and what you can't — with your board members.