The Giving Revival

Moshe Hecht, winner of the 2017 NonProfit PRO Technology Professional of the Year, is a philanthropy futurist, public speaker and chief innovation officer of Charidy, a crowdfunding platform and consulting company that has helped 3,000 organizations raise over $700 million.

Moshe‘s passion lies at the intersection of technology and charitable giving. When Moshe is not at the office, he is writing music and enjoying downtime with his wife and three redheaded children.

Achieving new-charity doesn’t mean only doing an annual crowdfunding campaign. It’s a complete shift of perspective, one of shared responsibility and accountability between the nonprofit and its donors. It means giving the average micro-donor the same level of transparency as is given to the mega-donor.

In days past, charity ―  “old-charity" ― was dominated by the few and influential. Sure, it is true that, at the local level, community members were able to organize fundraisers for causes near and dear effectively.

As a person in his early 30s, I’ve never felt politics’ impact — on day-to-day life, on the way we think and on the way we interact — so strongly before. If I had to guess, it might have something to do with how polarized our politics have become and how extreme the parties themselves have gotten.

As a fundraising coach, one of my critical responsibilities is helping nonprofits set fundraising goals―both long term and short term. I've looked fundraisers in the eyes and said, "You can raise $5,000,000 in one giving day.”...

Let’s settle this once and for all: The Facebook fundraising feature isn’t a bad thing. If you’re an individual. By individual, I mean a personal cause campaign. Think raising funds for a sick friend, a grieving family or even a birthday campaign to support your local soup kitchen...

A fundraiser needs velocity. It needs to be focused and channeled to maximize every bit of energy expelled. In fact, it’s the emergence of several factors that creates the necessary velocity to make your crowdfunding campaign successful...

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