In May 2023, Salesforce announced new nonprofit offerings in the form of the Nonprofit Cloud. The solutions introduced replaced all of the offerings Salesforce previously had for its nonprofit customers, from program management to fundraising.

“I was curious at the one-year mark: How’s that going? How much has the market adopted this new solution, and what were perspectives on it from people who were close to it?” Watt Hamlett, principal and founder of Watt Hamlett Consulting, said.

To satisfy his curiosity, Hamlett surveyed 75 Salesforce consulting firms to determine how much traction the Nonprofit Cloud has gained in the sector over the past year.

Overwhelmingly, 80% of firms surveyed were ready to take on Nonprofit Cloud work, although smaller firms were more hesitant to do so.

In this episode of The NonProfit Voice Tech Series, Hamlett; Rob Jordan, CEO and founder of Idealist Consulting; Daniel Dibble, president of Canvas Cloud; and Matt Devine, nonprofit Salesforce consultant at Cathexis Partners, join Mark Becker, editorial advisory board member for NonProfit PRO, to discuss the findings of the survey in more depth.

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