Spreadsheets can quickly become overwhelming for nonprofit marketers — and even if you think they’re working for your organization, you might be surprised by how much more organized and streamlined your efforts could be. That’s where marketing automation comes into play to remove administrative duties from your fundraisers’ day-to-day activities.

“When we take away the 32 Excel spreadsheets, the manual reporting, the manual memorization of what emails need to go out — all of that — we free up those fundraisers to be out in the community, really doing the job that we want them to do with the most effectiveness,” Abigayle Tobia, vice president of philanthropy at Verland, said.

In this episode of The NonProfit Voice Tech Series, Tobia and Erik Tomalis, chief evangelist and director of business development at Virtuous, join Mark Becker, editorial advisory board member for NonProfit PRO, to discuss how marketing automation can simplify tasks, such as pulling reports, reconciling donations, emailing a donor welcome series, bettering donor acknowledgement, making donor communications documentation accessible to all team members and more. 

For Tobia, it’s saved her so much time, she’s more able to pick up the phone now to call donors — as well as determine which donors warrant that additional point of contact — thanks to marketing automation.

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