Jamie Bearse

Nhu Te is editor-in-chief for NonProfit PRO. Reach her at nhute@napco.com.

Someone you can look forward to seeing at Peer to Peer Advanced is Jamie Bearse. As someone who has spent years in the “big chair,” Jamie will share how he manages organizational health and stays current on technology, tools and trends in the industry.

There are literally millions of diseases — some fatal, some rare, some affecting children, some other demographics. And behind each of them is a group of people who are passionate about finding a cure. And most of them depend on private donations to fund their efforts.

Men are a somewhat forgotten demographic in the fundraising world. Nonprofits have long created campaigns that target women, minorities or other specific groups, but men seem to fall by the wayside, lumped into other general campaigns.

This probably is a mistake. Those few groups that do target men as potential donors find that while men give to fewer causes than women do, they give more to those causes they support — and there are some proven ways to make your work their cause.

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