Jan. 19, 2010, New York — The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) the leading global trade association of businesses and nonprofit multichannel direct marketers, today announced they will begin a search for a new President & CEO to replace John A. Greco, Jr.  Mr. Greco has resigned his role effective today and DMA has organized a search committee to identify possible candidates.

North Palm Beach, FL, September 4, 2009 — Edmund Benson, former at-risk kid and founder of ARISE Foundation, is celebrating his 80th birthday by giving a gift to the international nonprofit community: the creative licenses for all of the 100 ARISE life-skills curricula materials. Benson will allow the materials to be translated free of charge into any language (except Spanish, which has been done), for use in life-skills training programs around the world.

July 13, 2009, The Telegraph — A survey by Barclays Wealth of 500 wealthy individuals in the UK and US revealed that around 75pc had not reduced their contributions to charity, while more than one in four had increased their giving in the last 18 months.

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