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16 Totally Whacked Shortcuts to Summon Your Fundraising Muse
April 13, 2015

Every so often you just get stuck when you need an idea. All writers know this. And we all know the standard advice for coming up with a creative inspiration: take a walk, sleep on it, put it aside and come back to it later, and all that.

How Gaming Gurus Reinvented Telethons for the Web
January 14, 2015

The charity event Awesome Games Done Quick, a weeklong gaming livestream featured on the video-streaming site Twitch, raised more than $1.5 million for charity research earlier this month, benefiting the Prevent Cancer Foundation. How it did it says a lot about the value of embracing niche audiences online.

The weeklong gaming marathon was hosted at a physical location, but the momentum and energy behind the event was really online, where people could watch speedrunners play live, chat about it, donate money and potentially win some prizes.

It's Time to Rethink Your Donor Engagement Strategies
October 2, 2014

Knowing as much as possible about donors can help fundraisers keep them involved with the organization and develop greater retention. Nonprofits can break through the noise by utilizing traditional engagement methods, as well as emerging data and personalization tactics to focus on what matters — cultivating relationships with donors by addressing their interests and allowing them to communicate with your organization based on their preferences.

10-Point Peer-to-Peer Event Checklist
October 1, 2014

Peer-to-peer fundraising events continue to grow in popularity across the nonprofit sector, and the most common form is the run/walk/ride event. They’re a great way to raise awareness, raise money, and actively engage participants and supporters. Plus, the participants and their friends do a large portion of the fundraising for you.

The States Where People Are the Most (and Least) Generous With Time and Money
May 14, 2014

Looking for volunteers for a good cause? You’re most likely to have success if you head to Utah. That’s according to a new survey from Gallup, which breaks down by state where Americans donate the most time and money to charity. Relatively low population states such as South Dakota, Vermont, Montana and Idaho topped a list of survey respondents who reported giving a donation and volunteering their time to an organization within the last six months.

ProSpeak: Where Lies the Future of Digital?
May 1, 2014

If there’s a link, we can track it. But digital fundraising isn’t bound by links. It may surprise you, but the future of digital is actually offline. It encompasses all forms of marketing, video, advertising, direct response, social, branded websites, maps, search, third-party review platforms, brick-and-mortar locations, events, etc.

If Google Were a Nonprofit, What Would Its Website Look Like?
April 3, 2014

The most meaningful information you have to share should be at the forefront of your website with options for next steps. Giving your visitor too many links, too many choices or too much information divides their attention and detracts from the bare essence of what you are trying to achieve. You’ve got to make it easy for them.

Google got it Right! Google. Now, this is a website we all can relate to. But imagine this … What if Google were a nonprofit? Here’s what its homepage could look like.