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Charity Campaigns Try Gentle Approach to Get Shoppers to Spend on Good Deeds
December 8, 2011

As end-of-the year giving gets under way, some charities like the American Red Cross are skipping disaster pictures and switching to gentler imagery to urge people to forgo extraneous holiday gifts and, instead, give “something that means something.”

To deliver its message, the American Red Cross has a new animated character in its multimedia campaign highlighting the seasonal dilemma of whether to please family and friends with material gifts or to give them something that betters the lives of others.

Here We Are ... Again
March 14, 2011

Fundraising conferences big and small all seem to be still be featuring sessions that focus on fundraising lessons learned from last year's earthquake in Haiti — and rightfully so. Yet here we are facing yet another major natural disaster — last week's devastating earthquake in Japan and the far-reaching tsunami that ensued.