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2014 DMAW MAXI Awards Results
September 1, 2014

Reviewing the winners across all channels for the 2014 DMAW MAXI Awards, the shared themes were engagement, extraordinary storytelling and relationship building. The stats and snapshot images of the winning Direct Mail, Digital Media, Multichannel and Telemarketing campaigns provided high-level intel of the strategies and tactics.

2014 Washington Nonprofit Conference: Digital Fundraising 101
February 19, 2014

At the 2014 Washington Nonprofit Conference, three fundraising professionals tackled "Digital Fundraising 101," specifically covering best practices for email, websites, online acquisition, social media, testing, integration, retargeting, responsive design and mobile optimization.

9 Underutilized Emails That Improve Donor Retention
January 16, 2014

Donor retention is often overlooked, and because of this, nonprofits aren’t using email as a key retention tool. That likely means more email “asks” this year (donations, event registrants, advocacy actions) and fewer retention emails, like reporting back to donors and building relationships.

The risk this poses is if most emails ask for something, people may start tuning out everything. To make “ask” emails more effective, constituents need to also see results consistently from your organization. They need know that progress is being made and feel the momentum.

In Fundraising, Savvy Trumps Conviction — Or Does It?
May 16, 2013

In a recent LinkedIn discussion group for fundraisers, many people shared their observations about whether commitment to the mission was essential to a fundraiser’s success. There were two sides: people who believe "it's all about technique" and people who believe that "belief in the mission is essential." I find myself on the “commitment to the mission matters” side of the argument. Technical mastery is important, or course, but it will only get you so far. Here are some of the benefits of being in a job you are passionate about.

Leader Dogs/Huntsinger & Jeffer Package Wins Campaign of the Year
October 10, 2012

"Overall, we saw some very strong but very traditional campaigns — very few major risks or outside-the-box approaches," judge Dane Grams said. "Was this a wise choice? It seems like it was, as most of the results we reviewed were incredibly strong."