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March 4, 2008

Ed Mills on Reactivation of Deep-Lapsed Donors

February 13, 2008

Steve Froehlich on Maximizing Online Leads

January 29, 2008

“Being in your cubicle eight hours a day is a wonderful thing, but you have to get a life. If you send out 20 [direct-mail] packages a month, that’s a wonderful thing, but you have to get a life. Don’t hide behind the curtain of direct mail.” — Derreck Kayongo, advocacy field coordinator, CARE, addressing the idea that fundraisers need to be donors, advocates and activists in their own lives as well, during his Jan. 24 keynote speech on “Why Our Work as Nonprofits Counts” at the DMA Nonprofit Federation’s 2008 Washington Nonprofit Conference in Washington, D.C.

Tips for Increasing Phone Contacts
August 28, 2007

One of the biggest challenges to telefundraising is making contact with the people you’re calling. But Jim Chmielewski, vice president of client services for telemarketing firm Public Interest Communications, says it’s worth the effort. For one thing, you can get immediate feedback from the person you’re contacting, whereas with direct mail, it takes time to receive feedback -- if you get any at all. So if an organization is looking to test a new case statement or issue, the telephone is great for that because it can get immediate feedback from its members. The telephone also works well when trying to convert

August 13, 2007

Steve’s Telefundraising Tips

DMANF Calls for Delay in Postage Rate Changes
February 8, 2007

Washington, DC, February 8, 2007 - The Direct Marketing Association Nonprofit Federation (DMANF) is asking the United States Postal Service to delay the implementation of regulations that would more than double the postage for many nonprofit mail pieces. In its formal comments, the DMANF expressed serious concerns that the proposed regulations will dramatically increase postage costs for nonprofit mailers by pushing pieces that currently qualify as automation rate flats (as well as some letter mail that exceeds 3.5 ounces) into the significantly higher priced Not Flat-Machinable (“NFM”) and parcel rate categories. Among the mail packages that will be affected are flat-size pieces that contain

February 7, 2007

Live From the DMA Nonprofit Federation 2007 Annual Washington Nonprofit Conference

Four Integration Recommendations
February 6, 2007

Fundraising programs that promote interaction between communication channels — primarily phone, mail and Web — yield higher-value donors. This was the topic at another session on channel integration at the DMA Nonprofit Federation conference in Washington last month, which featured the unveiling of the study “Integrating Online Marketing (eCRM) With Direct Mail Fundraising,” co-authored by Convio and StrategicOne. A case study analyzing the effect of eCRM on donor behavior for the SPCA of Texas, the study found that donors touched through multiple communication channels have a higher long-term value, retention and lifetime value, whether they start as direct-mail-only donors or as online-only donors.