Big Duck

Take a Look Around
May 1, 2008

This month, as we turn our focus to the international face of fundraising, I’m turning over my column and a large part of the editorial planning for the issue to the charismatic, highly regarded Tony Elischer, who very kindly agreed to act as Guest Editor.

Ask the Experts: Vendor/Client Relationships
April 1, 2008

A direct-mail provider in the Chicagoland area recently posed this question: My company partners with many nonprofit organizations. Several of them annually ask us for donations back. We make it known that our policy is to review what we have done for organizations in December, and if a company wants us to make a donation they may [ask us], in writing, at that time.  About six weeks ago, one of these nonprofits contacted us (via e-mail) asking if we would consider making a $1,500 donation to a special event they were having. In spite of the fact that our policy of a written

Giving 2.0
March 1, 2008

Late last month, FundRaising Success launched its second e-strategy guide, Giving 2.0, a twice-monthly (for now) e-letter that offers insight, tips and advice on the most cutting-edge tactics that fundraisers are (or should be) using to meet their goals.

Reach for the Stars!
February 1, 2008

Since day one, I’ve held that those of us who are responsible for putting out FundRaising Success learn more from our readers than our readers learn from us. And this year’s Fundraising Professionals of the Year Awards have served to punctuate that belief. Each year, we send out nominating forms that are nice and neat, with perfectly balanced categories that cover what we think are all the bases. And each year, we name winners in those respective categories. But this year, the nominations weren’t so cut and dry, and we were reminded that there are thousands of fundraising pros out there who toil in

And the Winners Are...
September 1, 2007

Wow! Who ever thought the Gold Awards could be so exciting? The sun was setting on judgement day, and we had a tie for Package of the Year. A first! So, I polled our four judges — Steve Froehlich, director of development analytics at the ASPCA; Tim O’Leary, vice president of McPherson Associates; Paul Bobnak, director of North American Publishing Co.’s Who’s Mailing What! Archive; and FS Senior Editor Abny Santicola. After some soul searching and spirited debate, they weighed in: two for one package and the other two for the other package.

Fundraising Communications-Remember to Dot Your I's and Cross
December 12, 2005

Fundraising Communications: Remember to Dot Your I's and Cross Your Channels Dec. 13, 2005 By Sarah Durham and Ali Kiselis When it comes to effectively communicating about your organization, consistency is key. Consistency that runs deep: from what a board member says at a gala to how your general office phone is answered to your holiday appeal. When all potential points of contact, or channels, work together fluidly, you maintain strong channel integration -- a fundamental, yet often underutilized ingredient in fundraising communications. Channel integration largely impacts two aspects of fundraising communications: your brand and specific campaigns. With branding, channel

Climb to the Top of the Corporate-giving Ladder
November 15, 2005

Climb to the Top of the Corporate-giving Ladder With a Compelling Annual Report Nov. 15, 2006 By Sarah Durham and Ali Kiselis, Big Duck Studios When it comes to motivating corporations to support your mission, you've got one critical fundraising weapon in your communications arsenal: your annual report. Annual reports often are the first thing corporate giving officers want to see. It's a way they can relate to a nonprofit and wrap their head around what you do, why you do it and how you're getting it done. While an individual might be primarily motivated to give because of the "warm fuzzy" connection

Pack Your Writing and Design With a Valuable Punch
September 27, 2005

Pack Your Writing and Design With a Valuable Punch Sept. 27, 2005 By Sarah Durham and Ali Kiselis When it's time to plan your next annual report, holiday appeal or direct-mail campaign, ensure the writing and design hits your audience where it counts most: their values. At The DMA Nonprofit Federation's recent New York Nonprofit Conference, keynote speaker Kay Sprinkle Grace eloquently reminded us of the importance of value-based direct marketing. To paraphrase: Values and the corresponding issues and emotions they inspire are the closest, most intimate, and most motivating route connecting you and your audiences. They are also an inherent