$7.9M from UGA to benefit the homeless
March 31, 2011

As the University of Georgia converts the Navy Supply Corps School into a medical campus, a campus of a different sort will be springing up on North Avenue. As part of the deal to turn the former military base over to UGA, the university is paying a coalition of nonprofits $7.9 million to build housing and centralize services for the homeless.

Homeless advocates refer to it as a "one-stop shop," including medical and dental care, mental health and substance abuse counseling, job training and a place to sleep, shower and do laundry.

Food Banks? Sandra Lee Enthuses. Budget? No Comment.
March 30, 2011

Sandra Lee, the Food Network personality and best-selling author, was surrounded by butter-cream-frosted cupcakes and mini-pecan pies, poised to kick off what she had billed as “the world’s largest bake sale” to raise $50,000 for the Food Bank for New York City. Ms. Lee, an advocate for ending childhood hunger, attracted 30 New York restaurants and food shops to Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central Terminal on Tuesday morning.

From a Food Giant, a Broad Effort to Feed Hungry Children
March 22, 2011

ConAgra Foods, whose social cause is ending child hunger, is taking a new approach to raise the issue’s visibility. The company is starting its largest campaign ever, including a television special, to spur more grassroots involvement to make sure no child goes hungry.

ConAgra financed a 30-minute program to tell the stories of American families who, each day, face the question of whether they will have enough to eat. One 8-year-old boy says, “I eat less so my sisters can have another meal.”

CARE, in Return to Roots, Will Offer Virtual Packages
March 8, 2011

"CARE" packages spawned a nonprofit group, the Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere, now known as CARE.

The organization later dispensed with the packages, instead focusing on large development projects and disaster relief operations, and the term “care package” entered the vernacular.

CARE is staking a claim to it again, this time with a 21st-century twist. On Wednesday, the charity is officially offering the packages via a Web site,

Nonprofit to receive nearly $100,000 to study, fight hunger in capital area
February 24, 2011

A Sacramento nonprofit will receive close to $100,000 to fight hunger, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced Wednesday.

Community Services Planning Council will receive $99,396 to survey low-income residents to determine the causes, consequences and extent of hunger in Sacramento County – and then develop a plan to try to eliminate hunger in the county.

The USDA is investing $4.98 million in grants to 14 communities in eight states to end hunger and improve the nutrition of low-income Americans.

Online Game Draws Attention—and Money—for the Needy
February 15, 2011

Spent, an interactive online game developed by the social-service organization Urban Ministries of Durham and North Carolina ad agency McKinney, which donated its services, is an online interactive game that educates people about poverty and homelessness. Players navigate the game by making decisions that could severely affect their health, finances,children’s well-being and work life. The goal is to show the choices a needy person must make every month. At the end of the game, people are asked to donate, volunteer or play again.

14 Jacksonville Nonprofits Build Collaborative Effort to Fight Hunger
February 14, 2011

If there are any bright spots to be found in the Great Recession, one may be the way organizations have changed to meet the soaring demand from people in need.

Consider the Hunger SWAT Team – an informal coalition of 14 community-based, emergency service nonprofit organizations that, over the course of two years, have found new ways to work in the community and with each other, to the benefit of their clients and their own organizational health.