Face-to-face Fundraising

Engage P2P Conference Is Next Week
October 15, 2014

Join FundRaising Success in Washington, D.C., next week for our inaugural peer-to-peer conference, Engage P2P: Redefining Peer to Peer.

You Know You Have to Ask but for How Much?
September 1, 2014

Wouldn’t it be great to have some objective way to mechanically ask new people for a gift? We could just “know” that we’re asking the right amount.

When Donors Come to Visit
August 28, 2014

We may not have a “Welcome — come on in!” sign hanging at the door, but from time to time, donors do stop by — often unexpectedly. The prepared fundraiser makes sure in advance that the organization is ready at a moment’s notice to present itself and its work in a positive light.

Asking Is Easy
June 11, 2014

The reality is that if we are truly donor-focused and are building deep, genuine relationships, the ask really takes care of itself. It takes care of itself in terms of some people self-identifying and in terms of some people removing themselves from the process or from a timeline you had hoped for.

7 Best Practices for Fundraising Event Speakers
May 14, 2014

'Tis the season for fundraising events! And for giving speeches about why people should give to your organization. If you are chosen to give that inspiring speech … please keep it short. Less than seven minutes is best. (That’s about 1,000 words, depending on your cadence of delivery.) Before anything else, be authentic!

You can have a fabulous outline, but if you are not authentic and you read from a script with your head down … you’ll have wasted an opportunity to generate support. Here are seven best practices for speaking at a fundraising event.


The Single Most Important Tool for Making Effective Fundraising Asks
May 12, 2014

Every month, board members and CEOs ask me for the "perfect" words to say when making an ask. You'd be surprised at what can be effective! I've even seen a major-gift ask on a Post-it note! A sincere ask from a person of integrity can often overcome the most awkward wording.

But in my experience, most people find a version of the following phrase works: "We'd like to ask you to consider a gift of [insert specific dollar amount] to [insert project or fund or the nonprofit's name]."

How to Secure the Gift: 10 Priceless Tips From Jerry Panas
March 18, 2014

Jerry Panas is one of our industry’s greats. I’ve learned so much from him over the years. Here is some of his best advice on how to nail the gift: Getting the visit is the toughest part. Be willing to fail. Enthusiasm is contagious. Keep your antenna alert. Talk only 25 percent of the time. Donors give to the magic of an idea. You never know until you ask. Your materials are not important in an ask. Take only 11 minutes to present  your case. I would like you to consider a gift of …