Boards and Volunteers

Make It Personal With Your Board
July 31, 2013

Reach out and deepen relationships with your board! Get your calls returned right away, and have your board members asking, "How can I help?"

Don't Bid Your Best Friends Farewell
June 19, 2013

Former board members and, in particular, former board chairs, can be a core source of resources, insight and funds for a nonprofit.

Bad Dreams About Boards - A Re-Enactment (Hump Day Hullabaloo)
May 1, 2013

Board members are a crucial part of any nonprofit organization's success. When they "get it," it makes for a fabulous relationship with the development team that benefits the organization and, ultimately, its cause. But when they don't … well, it ain't pretty.

A Dynamic Strategic Plan Undergirds a Successful Campaign
April 5, 2013

Donors want confidence that an organization's important initiatives have been carefully thought out and are aligned with its mission. This is where having a strategic plan is an important step in being prepared for a successful major campaign.

Volunteers: I Signed Up to Do What?
April 5, 2013

Never have a board member come up to you or others and say, "I signed up to do what?" Clarity is key to success, and shell games are for casinos. Do not mix the two!

Strong, Positive Leadership Inspires Gifts
March 20, 2013

When the senior staff and board fulfill their roles and demonstrate that they are strong leaders, a culture is created where philanthropy is a priority and is celebrated.

Sunrise ... Sunset ...
March 6, 2013

When you are working with volunteers, be sure that you honor their time and your commitments. Explain clearly what you expect — and what they can expect. Be sure that you set volunteers up for success.