Boards and Volunteers

An Untapped Gold Mine: Business Networking for Event Fundraising Success
January 15, 2014

Get out of the office! Leave the safety of your cubicle, and join the vibrant world of business networking. This remains a largely untapped gold mine for development and special-event professionals from nonprofit organizations. Business networking provides an open-ended opportunity to cultivate your own connections to facilitate success with your events.

5 Ways to Warm Up Staff and Volunteers to Ask
January 8, 2014

Volunteers and staff usually need warming so that they can effectively make a gift request. They need baby steps. We all need to understand what we are doing and why we are doing it. One step at a time. One win at a time. Building confidence and growing to even greater things. Here are some steps to warm up staff and volunteers to effectively secure gifts.

Encourage Young Professionals to Serve on Boards
December 13, 2013

We need younger and engaged volunteers on nonprofit organization boards. Many boards do not have or enforce term limits, and the average age of many board members is over 50.

Fundraising Resolution No. 3 (Volunteering): Who, Me?!?!
December 12, 2013

While we won’t solve all the problems volunteers face in 2014, there are things we can all do — for volunteers at our organization or if we want to volunteer — to make the experience more fulfilling for the volunteer and more beneficial for the organization. While there are many good resources available for learning the secrets of volunteer management, following are just a few that have been most elusive in my own experience.

Narrow the Focus
November 13, 2013

Give me a list of 20 things to do and I might shut down. Give me list of five things to do, with clear instructions and a timeline, and I can excel.

Your Board Leadership Needs to Be Able to Make Big Changes
August 28, 2013

Whether you are staff or volunteer, be sure that your board has systems and practices to enable its members to be the stewards of your organization. They hold a public trust, and at the end of the day this starts and stops with their oversight of the CEO.