Boards and Volunteers

Ethics Office Moves to Let Federal Employees Serve on Nonprofit Boards
July 7, 2011

The Office of Government Ethics has taken the first step toward allowing federal employees to serve on the boards of nonprofit organizations, potentially ending a 15-year ban that advocacy groups say was misguided.

In a proposed rule, OGE aims to change a regulation that prohibits federal employees from serving in their official capacity on the board of a nonprofit without a waiver from their agency. Such waivers can be difficult to obtain, discouraging employees from accepting positions on everything from scientific panels to neighborhood boards.

New Book on a Nonprofit Board's Role
June 24, 2011

An appointment to the board of a nonprofit organization is both an honor and a challenge for someone who has never served as a board member before. Even the best of intentions can turn out badly if the person doesn't understand the role of a director or trustee.

So Michael Batts, partner in an Orlando-based accounting firm that specializes in nonprofit groups, has thrown a lifeline to those serving on such boards with a small book titled "Board Member Orientation: The Concise and Complete Guide to Nonprofit Board Service."

Pols aim to ban money for nonprofits’ boards in Mass.
May 24, 2011

Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley and her allies are stepping up their crackdown on nonprofit health insurers and other public charities that pay their boards of directors, with a fast-tracked budgetary amendment that could ban the controversial practice as soon as July 1.

Coakley already had filed a bill to bar nonprofit director pay, but Sen. Mark Montigny (D-New Bedford) now has attached Coakley’s no-pay measure to the state budget, which could dramatically speed up the process and make it harder to sideline the measure in committee.

Funders’ boards skew white, male, over 50
March 9, 2011

Members of foundation boards are predominantly white, male and over age 50, and they do not receive compensation for their board work, a new survey says.

Eighty-five percent of board members at over 500 foundations responding to a survey by the Council on Foundations are white, 62 percent are male, and 74 percent are over age 50, with 19 percent age 40 to 49.

At family foundations, 16 percent of board members are under age 40, representing the largest share of board members that age among all foundations, says the survey.

BoardSource Nonprofit Governance Index 2010 Released Today; Reflects Dissatisfaction With Degree of Nonprofit Board Diversity
November 10, 2010

BoardSource, the premier voice in nonprofit governance, released the Nonprofit Governance Index 2010 at the annual BoardSource Leadership Forum in San Francisco.

According to the Index, 71 percent of chief executives believe racial/ethnic diversity on their board has value to their organization's mission, and 55 percent consider it to be a priority of their organization.  However, just 28 percent of the chief executives surveyed reported being satisfied with the degree of racial/ethnic diversity on their board.

Survey Finds Many Small and Midsize Nonprofit Boards Are Not Effective Fundraisers
September 17, 2010

A recent survey is challenging a commonly held myth by many small to midsize Christian nonprofits. Many think that their boards are the key to their fundraising success, adopting a wishful "If only..." attitude, looking for wealthy individuals to sit on the board and only focus on fundraising. However, new information from a survey conducted by Mission Increase Foundation reveals that board members do not think fundraising is their most important role. And many of the nonprofit staff members agree.

Board Support Is Key to Advocacy Efforts by Nonprofit Groups, Report Says
June 29, 2010

Greater involvement by nonprofit groups in advocacy and lobbying work will require support from organizations' boards of directors, according to nonprofit leaders in a new report.

Participants in a "roundtable" held by the Johns Hopkins Listening Post Project "broadly agreed that they often saw board reluctance to get involved in advocacy," the report said.

Blackbaud Launches Nonprofit Leadership Circle to Encourage Employee Volunteerism
May 5, 2010

Charleston, S.C. (May 4, 2010) – Blackbaud, Inc (Nasdaq: BLKB), the leading global provider of nonprofit software and services, today announced the launch of a new Nonprofit Leadership Circle, a group of employees who serve on nonprofit boards of directors, and several other employee-related philanthropic initiatives. Blackbaud is dedicated to its mission of making the world a better place both as a corporate citizen and as a catalyst for individual employees through a dedicated focus on philanthropy.