As technology evolves and becomes more sophisticated in its craft, we, too, need to keep up. While email marketing seems simple enough, nonprofits are now faced with more deliverability challenges than ever before.

In this episode of The NonProfit Voice, Nhu Te is joined by Sarah Robie, manager of online marketing at World Wildlife Fund, and Bradley Martin, senior director of customer acquisition at Kindful, to dive into the arising challenges of email deliverability and how nonprofits can overcome them.

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Sarah Robie is an online marketing manager at World Wildlife Fund, where she has spent 11 years evolving its email communications. Over the past three years, she has served as the email deliverability lead, resulting in improvements to WWF’s email performance, targeting strategy, list health and domain reputation. She also oversees WWF’s online stewardship and retention efforts and is a passionate advocate for optimizing the donor journey and experience.

Bradley Martin is the senior director of customer acquisition at Kindful. He has over 10 years of experience helping organizations implement and optimize CRMs, marketing automation and analytics solutions with the goal of providing better insights to drive improved results. Bradley currently works alongside his team at Kindful to provide nonprofit organizations with software solutions that make fundraising and donor management easier.

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