The silo mentality can negatively affect myriad things when it comes to fundraising, and donor data is no exception. As Page Bullington, director of professional services at Blackbaud's Target Analytics, laid out during last month's Engage Virtual Workshop: "Driving Donations With Data," silos:

  • do not allow for institutional knowledge to be shared
  • prevent consistent data entry
  • only allow for one-dimensional fundraising
  • result in data being double- or triple-entered (or more!)
  • foster the idea of data ownership — data becomes "ours" or "theirs" but not both
  • make you work harder
  • prevent moves management

Take a listen to the podcast in the media player to hear Bullington discuss why breaking down donor data silos is so vital, and to learn more about driving donations with data, sign up for the full Engage Virtual Workshop — complete with a study guide and additional resources — here.Opens in a new window

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