Paul Habig

With the potential to reach a wide audience rapidly and cost-effectively, more and more nonprofit organizations are using online communications tools to connect with donors, members, volunteers and supporters. 

At the Center for Nonprofit Success' New York Fundraising Summit earlier this month, I discussed the topic of online fundraising, and how to harness technology to build and maintain productive donor relationships.

The Internet offers a wealth of opportunity for nonprofit fundraisers. But online fundraising is anything but a no-brainer. Successful e-philanthropy requires a strategic approach that involves research, testing and coordination. In a session two weeks ago at the Fund Raising Day in New York 2007 conference, Harry Lynch, CEO of Sanky Communications, an integrated fundraising and communications firm, and Paul Habig, director of Internet services for SankyNet, discussed the process of building an Internet strategy. What follows are their five building blocks to an effective online strategy: 1. Leveraging demographics. The key takeaway here is “remember your audience.” Know who your best donors

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