Charity leaders expressed disappointment that President Obama once again pushed to limit the charitable deduction in the budget blueprint he sent to Congress on Monday. Part of a massive $4 trillion proposal, President Obama’s plan would limit the value of all itemized deductions, including one for charitable gifts, to 28 percent for individuals who earn more than $200,000 and couples who earn more than $250,000.

Nonprofits can learn a lot from the way the Obama campaign approached performance measurement. For although the campaign’s resources dwarfed those of the typical nonprofit, the measurement practices it followed mirror those of high-performing organizations. By following these measurement practices, the Obama campaign focused its resources on the most effective interventions, made smart resource allocation decisions, and adjusted rapidly as the context changed.

President Barack Obama on Oct. 17 had his single most lucrative day of campaign fundraising ever, an Obama campaign official confirmed to ABC News. The record-setting haul, which the official declined to specify, was attributed to a surge of online contributions from grassroots donors following Obama’s performance in the second 2012 presidential debate.

The campaign announced last week that it has amassed a base of 4 million unique donors — or 1 in 75 Americans — a new record.

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