In a recent post on her Sue’s Muse blog, consultant Sue Wodward tells us, “In a recent research report completed by Merkle, a national database marketing agency … the 2008 election cycle should not have a big impact on organizations achieving their year-end fundraising goals.” The post continues: “The study cites that political campaign donors are typically younger, whereas a third of nonprofit contributors are 76 years of age or older. 75% of people who contribute to political campaigns are male vs. 42% who donate to nonprofits. Additionally, 50% of those who contribute to presidential campaigns have an income above $100,000 vs. nonprofit donors,

“So I say to those tens of thousands of new nonprofits: Welcome to the profession. I hope you’re worth it!” — April 2, “Too Many Nonprofits? Let 85,000 Flowers Bloom!” by Merkle’s Jeff Brooks on the Donor Power Blog, where Brooks is discussing a recent post on the Charity Governance blog that points out that the IRS received 85,771 applications for 501(c)(3) status in fiscal year 2007.

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