Katrin Verclas

Editor’s Note: Perhaps the best way for nonprofit organizations to learn how to effectively increase their online presence through innovative multichannel programs is to look to their peers that already are utilizing Web 2.0 channels for advocacy, friendraising and fundraising. We asked Katrin Verclas, executive director of NTEN: The Nonprofit Technology Network, to talk about some of the organizations that she sees as leading the way.

“Collection of personal information is at the very foundation of a nonprofit’s success, for sure, but they also have the duty to protect that information.” This according to Katrin Verclas, executive director of the Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network, a San Francisco-based professional community that connects people involved in nonprofit technology. Nonprofits collect all sorts of private information about their constituents, such as their home addresses; home phone numbers; work phone numbers; e-mail addresses; and details about their interests and family status, etc. Having that information is extremely important for any kind of nonprofit success and effectiveness, Verclas says. The more you know

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