Jocelyne Daw

Today’s companies understand the value of being involved in communities. On the other hand, at the end of the day they’re in the business of making money, whatever their business is. A corporate cause partnership is a relationship that’s mutually beneficial, helping a for-profit better achieve its bottom line and a nonprofit its mission. That said, following tried-and-true guidance for building partnerships from the get-go is crucial. Jocelyne Daw is vice president of the Imagine Canada Caring Company program and author of “Cause Marketing for Nonprofits: Partner for Purpose, Passion and Profits.” She advises a nonprofit that is new to corporate partnering to

May 23, 2006 By Abny Santicola, editor, FS Advisor The final chapter of the book "Cause Marketing for Nonprofits: Partner for Purpose, Passion, and Profits" by Jocelyne Daw, a hands-on guide to cause marketing featuring advice and case studies, leaves readers with seven golden rules and seven deadly sins of cause marketing. Daw's seven golden rules for any organization considering a corporate partnership are: 1) Put the mission, goals and values of your organization first. 2) Be focused, marketing oriented and proactive. 3) Choose partners carefully to ensure positive brand alignment. 4) Combine assets and strengths to create mutually beneficial programs that meet

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