Ethan Boldt

Need a quick tutorial on QR Codes? It's all here in QR Codes Explained. Ethan Boldt, Chief Content Officer of DirectMarketingIQ discusses many QR Code best practices and case study examples.

Highlights of the 15-minute session include:

• A short history of the QR code.
• Why QR codes are THE hot topic in integrated marketing campaigns today, including the explosion of smartphone usage.
• Top uses for the QR code.
• The industry sectors where QR codes are being used, and where they work best.
• Best practices for implementation.
• Competition from Microsoft Tags and NFC and more!

In “Star Wars Episode IV,” Luke Skywalker struggles to convince Han Solo to help him save Princess Leia, stuck in the detention block on the Death Star. “But they’re going to kill her!” Han Solo’s cold response? “Better her than me.” So Luke changes tack, and after a beat says, “She’s rich.” Han Solo comes back with, “How rich?” Encouraged, Luke blurts out, “More money than you can imagine.” Han smiles, saying, “I don’t know, I can imagine quite a bit.” You know the rest of the story: Han opts in, Luke and Han take some significant risks, the Princess is rescued, and then

Encouraged by green prospects, pushed by the DMA and sometimes impelled from within (perhaps to simply slim down a package), many mailers already have begun to test into green packages. Some, however, don’t know where to begin. So, whether you consider these baby steps or giant leaps, here are three ways to create the green mail piece. 1. Make a New Year’s resolution As if hit by a green tidal wave, many direct mailers feel overwhelmed by the new information. Fortunately, the DMA helps with two significant resource materials. First is the DMA Environmental Resource for Direct Marketers (, updated in 2004 and available

Last year in Inside Direct Mail, we wrote that the nonprofit sector was experiencing a “pretty big downturn in premium use.” Not only were total numbers down, but so was the variety of premium types being offered. Indeed, nonprofit premiums had an undeniable presence in both the 2003 and 2004 calendar years. However, after doing some research in our Who’s Mailing What! Archive, it became clear that the premium’s grip on the sector was beginning to slip, with 23.1 percent of nonprofit mail including a premium offer in 2003 and 16.7 percent in 2004. Perhaps because of budget constraints and more conservative direct-mail

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