Five Tactics to Rev Up Fundraising in a Down Economy
September 16, 2008

Many nonprofit professionals today are nervous. The economy, while showing hopeful signs such as slightly lower oil prices and a stronger dollar, is still not in a good place. That means donors have less money in their portfolios and their pockets. As a result, giving is down across the board. This is not how we want to enter the all-important year-end giving season. With up to half of all donations coming in the last quarter of the calendar year, nonprofits need to start planning now so they can end the year strong. There are five simple things any organization can do to not only

ProSpeak: A Layman’s Guide to Understanding Today’s CRM Solutions for Nonprofits
July 23, 2008

Over the past year, constituent relationship management software vendors for nonprofits have been parading around the concept of “open” to the marketplace like presidential candidates touting “change.” Like “change,” “open” is something everyone wants, but few people define it the same way. This creates confusion and, inevitably, disappointment for customers who expect their concept of “open,” but get the vendor’s version instead. Even worse, all the marketing buzz around the “open revolution” is obscuring the real question: How does your organization truly get the unique CRM features and functionality its business processes require to execute your mission and change lives? CRM today is the

Opening Up
July 1, 2008

The assignment seemed simple enough. Find out about “open sources” and write about them for our July issue. I knew they had something to do with technology, but that’s about it. I was concerned because when it comes to me and technology, let’s just say I have issues. And, when it comes to nonprofit technology issues, many of you might be in the same boat, so I suppose I seemed the perfect choice to write this story. I use the Internet to shop, e-mail, do research, read the latest news and feed my insatiable appetite for celebrity gossip. That’s it. No MySpace

New Resource for Nonprofits
March 19, 2008

Press Release: Dallas-based CRM provider MPower Systems announced last week that it’s moving to an open source software model, making its solution available to all nonprofits without license fees. Additionally, users will have access to MPower’s source code so they can develop features and functionality to meet their organizations’ individual requirements, as needs arise. To download and begin using MPower, visit