Dell Announces the #Inspire 100 to Kick Off Inspired Holiday Giving
November 20, 2012

Dell is unveiling the #Inspire 100, a compilation of leading influencers in entrepreneurship, philanthropy, education and media who have used technology to empower and inspire others. The #Inspire 100 list recognizes thinkers, designers and risk takers in four categories: World Changers, Entrepreneurs, Creatives and Tastemakers. The complete list has been unveiled on Dell’s Facebook page.

Shake Off the Blues and Bring on the Boomers
November 1, 2012

We know the baby boomer population is huge, but we also know relatively few boomers donate even though they are hitting prime giving age. So what do the boomers want, and how do we capture and engage them?

Donations From the Rich to Charities Rose in 2011
January 3, 2012

Few Americans are seeing relief from the nation’s economic slump, but the finances of some nonprofits are much rosier as the nation’s wealthy stepped up their multimillion dollar gifts in 2011.

The biggest gifts announced by Americans totaled more than $2.6-billion, compared with $1.3-billion in 2010. (Twelve donations were included in the list because of two ties for the 10 biggest donations of the year.)

Adrian Peterson Partners With Nonprofit to Fundraise for At-Risk Youth
December 2, 2011

While NFL star Adrian Peterson continues to commit $5,000 to charity for every touchdown he makes, the Minnesota Vikings' running back has found a way to amp up his giving dollars off the field too.

Peterson's All Day Foundation, a nonprofit that supports programming for at-risk kids worldwide, has joined forces with a socially conscious browser app, the Football For Good Giving Assistant, for the holiday season. The duo connects online shoppers with 1,000 partners, including Gap, and Best Buy, that give a portion of their sales to Peterson's nonprofit, the organization announced.

Recession Driving Changes in Corporate Philanthropy
November 1, 2010

Corporate philanthropy is changing.

Companies may allow their employees to volunteer while on the clock or reward customers for their volunteerism. Many give goods rather than cash and focus more on areas in which they have expertise. And, in what is perhaps the most profound shift, some companies are thinking more long term and aligning their philanthropy with their core business strategies looking for ways to do good at the same time they improve their bottom lines.

Charities Expect Money Worries Into 2013 Due to State Shortfalls
August 13, 2010

Charities nationwide are again facing financial strain because of state budget crises—and many states expect their woes to continue into 2012 and 2013.

Nearly every state expects revenue in the 2011 fiscal year, which started in July, to exceed collections from 2010, but state officials worry that revenue growth won’t be enough to replace lost federal stimulus dollars.

Site Diverts Shopping Money to Charities
December 15, 2009

December 15, 2009, The New York Times - A new Web site lets people donate to charity the money they would have spent on, say, that $44.50 Henley sweater from the Gap — or, better yet, the $250,000 his-and-hers ICON aircraft that Neiman Marcus is selling this year.