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E-mail Should Complement, Not Replace, Direct Mail
March 15, 2004

As the nature and characteristics of various donor-base paradigms evolve, the Internet will be the response medium of choice for a fast-growing number of donors and prospects. Setting up a successful e-mail fundraising program requires patience and investment. Meanwhile, aggressive direct mail probably will remain the core technique, certainly among those whose initial or ongoing gifts have been achieved via this medium. Rather than a replacement, e-fundraising is another tool in the arsenal of cultivation and fundraising programs -- one that will fit both a specific niche as well as a complementary role. Following are some tips for creating, sustaining

The RFP Process
January 1, 2004

Selecting a fundraising agency to build your donor or membership program can be a tough decision, with many factors to consider. It makes sense, then, to prepare a Request for Proposal that gives responding agencies the proper information and asks the right questions.

The RFP can sometimes be the official “first date” for most agency/nonprofit organization relationships. It sets the tone for the partnership and provides a road map for future success.

Savvy Approach to Production Can Help Slash Your Bottom Line
November 1, 2003

Saving money is imperative in today’s economy. With budgets being slashed and revenues down, nonprofit organizations are under tremendous pressure to cut costs. It’s a challenge, especially when trying to maintain an appropriate image.

In direct mail print production, doing more with less always has been the name of the game. But now more than ever, finding hidden savings means reviewing all the options — suppliers, equipment and the many factors that influence cost, including paper, sheet sizes and printing techniques.