Campbell Rinker

Looking Back a Year: A Big Reminder on American Cancer Society's Bold Move
May 20, 2014

One year ago this month, I wrote an article that detailed what may be one of the boldest moves by a top brand in the nonprofit industry. Today's blog is your reminder of all that went into that decision by the American Cancer Society (ACS). Why am I reminding you? Because in two weeks, I will be providing you an update on where things stand and the progress ACS has made on its goals.

Charities Predict Increases in Giving After Strong 2013
March 24, 2014

Seven out of 10 nonprofits expect donations to increase this year, and 13 percent expect their gains to be substantial — growing by at least 15 percent, according to a survey of 538 charities to be released this week. Charities say they are optimistic because 2013 was stronger than any other year since the recession started. Sixty-two percent of charities said they raised more money last year than in 2012, the largest share since 2007, when 65 percent increased donations.

I’m Ticked Off!
May 14, 2013

To measure the effectiveness of a brand based on a single channel or a single campaign strategy is a terrible mistake. And, honestly, I'd like to see the media report on what matters — not just something that has a shock factor.

Bold Move
May 1, 2013

The American Cancer Society has decided to halt direct mail acquisition and direct mail conversion, and ACS will be sharing its experience with Angie Moore and FundRaising Success.

Majority of Nonprofits Reached Fundraising Goals in 2011, Survey Finds
April 2, 2012

Seven in 10 nonprofits expect their donations to increase this year, after 2011 became the first year since the recession started that a majority of nonprofits reported a rise in the amount they raised.

Still, the recovery is uneven, according a report of 1,600 nonprofit. Thirty-one percent, mostly small organizations, said contributions dropped in 2011, and 41 percent said they did not meet their fundraising goals.

The study was conducted by the Nonprofit Research Collaborative, a coalition of nonprofits and fundraisers that report on the state of giving twice a year.

Latest Version of Sage Fund Accounting Released
December 16, 2011

Sage North America announced that Version 11.0 of its Sage Fund Accounting nonprofit and government financial management software is now available. Product enhancements focused on improving the customer experience and included streamlining the upgrade process with the new Sage Auto Update console; implementing user-requested improvements within core modules; updating the workflow and user interface; improving reporting capabilities; and adding Sales Order functionality to the Accounts Receivable (A/R) module.

New Study Shows Online Giving is Important to Donors 60+
December 9, 2011

In an online study of donors who had given by any method, conducted Nov. 15-17, 2011, Dunham + Co. discovered that online giving has become an important option for donors who are 60 years of age or older.

The study found that while 61 percent of all donors surveyed had given an online gift at some point, a surprising one out of two donors (51 percent) 60 years old and older said they had done so.