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14 Must-Know Stats About Fundraising, Social Media and Mobile Technology
June 10, 2014

Spring is report season in the nonprofit sector. A slew of new data is released, and this year the emerging theme is that online fundraising is rapidly rising, especially on mobile devices. Nonprofits that have not yet adopted a mobile-first approach to online communications and fundraising can use the new data to help convince executive staff and boards that a new mobile-compatible website should be high on their priority list. Crowdfunding, peer-to-peer fundraising, monthly giving and email fundraising are also proving to be effective.

Mobile Matters: The Impact of Mobile Technology on Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
December 26, 2013

At Artez Interactive, we wanted to know more about the impact of mobile devices on peer-to-peer, or “crowd-sourced,” fundraising campaigns. When individuals are motivated to ask their friends and social networks to donate to a cause, are those supporters using smartphones and tablets to help them fundraise? Similarly, are donors in peer-driven events giving through mobile-Web-enabled devices?

Does Your Charity Know About Its Second, Mobile Audience?
November 8, 2013

At Artez Interactive, we track fundraising activity for millions of visitors to charity and nonprofit donation pages every year. We’ve noticed that for most organizations, the peak time of day for online donations is between 9 a.m. – 11 a.m. Mobile Web usage actually ramps up after work or school! Your supporters are primarily using smartphones and tablets at home while watching TV, listening to music, reading e-mails or browsing social networks. We’ve discovered that the most popular time for mobile Web donations is between 8 p.m. – 10 p.m.

Facebook and Fundraising: A Match or Not?
March 25, 2013

Recently a reader asked me how his nonprofit could raise money through Facebook. My immediate thought was the usual, "Facebook is for engagement, not fundraising."

Fundraising with Facebook: Research Paper
February 8, 2013

Our recently released whitepaper reports on data from over 645,000 donations, hundreds of campaigns, and millions of visitors to the Artez North American platform. Did you know 14% of web traffic to all donation and fundraising pages is now coming from Facebook? Are you aware that peer-driven or "crowdsourced" campaigns are the most successful in social channels? In an average peer-to-peer campaign, 15-18% of donations are referred from Facebook alone! Download the FREE whitepaper and read even more insights to help you determine the best social strategies for your next online fundraising campaign.