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Online Giving vs. Online Fundraising
March 18, 2009

For many fundraising organizations, the first step to becoming digital is to create a Web site. Think of this Web site as the public lobby to your digital organization. A few questions: Is it tidy? Is it inviting? Is there a friendly receptionist?

ROI in Digital Fundraising and Online Giving
January 21, 2009

When it comes to return on investment for a nonprofit's online fundraising and donations program there is no hard and fast digital metric that serves as the gold standard … yet. 

While some fundraisers have struck gold — generating 10 times their online investment in as little as three months, others just break even after three years of hard work. It's important that nonprofits and their teams have some shared perspective and collective agreement. 

Spot Your Sneezers
April 15, 2008

In a true epidemic, studies show that there are always a few people who infect others at a much higher rate — the sneezers. For any number of reasons — hygiene, genetics, behaviour, etc. — these people manage to spread the disease all too effectively. They’re highly contagious! In a typical fundraising campaign, we see the same phenomenon. If you’re a fundraiser, chances are you’ve observed this yourself. Those people who know how to work their network, ooze charisma and raise way more money than the average? Those are your sneezers. Bottom line: If you’re smart, you’ll treat them differently. No, I’m not