Volunteers help fill holes that budget cuts left in cities' staffs
March 1, 2011

Deeby Kadrie staffed the reception desk of the Wayzata Public Works Department last week, fielding calls, preparing a mailing and signing for parcels. She loves the job -- even though she isn't getting paid.

Kadrie is among about 120 volunteers helping the western suburb cope with the loss of 10 employee positions in the past two years, or about 15 percent of its workforce.

Across the state, volunteers are bailing out government.

Corporate volunteerism catches on among workers
December 28, 2010

While companies have had corporate giving programs for years, they increasingly are involving employees by giving them a say in which charities to support and providing time off with pay for volunteering. Corporate volunteerism is growing, with 20 percent more companies allowing employees paid time off for volunteer projects than three years ago, according to a report by the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy.

Corporate giving also has been a bright spot. Corporate charitable contributions rose 5.5 percent in 2009, according to Giving USA Foundation's report.

Wealthy making smaller gifts
November 17, 2010

Wealthy Americans are making smaller gifts to charity, with more than half of them making their largest gift to fund nonprofit operations, a new study says.

They also are volunteering more, and those who volunteer more are giving more, says the 2010 Bank of America Merrill Lynch Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy.

Overall average gift amounts from wealthy Americans fell 35 percent from 2007, after adjusting for inflation, although several sectors saw average gift amounts grow 4 percent to 21 percent.

Recession Driving Changes in Corporate Philanthropy
November 1, 2010

Corporate philanthropy is changing.

Companies may allow their employees to volunteer while on the clock or reward customers for their volunteerism. Many give goods rather than cash and focus more on areas in which they have expertise. And, in what is perhaps the most profound shift, some companies are thinking more long term and aligning their philanthropy with their core business strategies looking for ways to do good at the same time they improve their bottom lines.

'We Generation': Tweens volunteer, start non-profits
October 15, 2010

Despite what you may have heard, tweens aren't all about social networking, iPods, the mall and celebrities. Growing numbers of pre-teens and early teens are giving tweens a new face: a socially responsible young citizen. They're not only doing good in their local communities, but having a global impact. Some have created their own non-profits, and most have websites enlisting the support of kids like themselves who also want to help others.

Spurred by NY, 10 cities launch volunteer programs
October 1, 2010

Ten U.S. cities are recruiting volunteers to help with local problems such as flood recovery and childhood obesity as part of a nationwide emphasis on service led by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg founded a volunteer corps in his city last year in response to President Barack Obama's call for more Americans to do service work. He then launched a coalition of cities focused on service, and it now has more than 100 member cities.