American Express Digitizes Community Service With New Facebook App
August 30, 2011

In support of the upcoming 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance, American Express announced the launch of the I WILL VOLUNTEER Facebook application, powered by HandsOn Network, the volunteer activation division of Points of Light Institute. This new app is designed to connect volunteers across the country to service projects in their communities.

The 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance is a federally recognized initiative being led by MyGoodDeed and HandsOn Network.

Volunteerism Holds Steady in America, Study Finds
August 9, 2011

The number of Americans who volunteer dropped slightly in 2010, according to a new federal report.

Nearly 63 million Americans, slightly more than a quarter of the population, volunteered for charities last year, providing services valued at nearly $173-billion. That’s down from 2009, when 63.4 million adults, or nearly 27 percent of the population, donated their time.

The volunteer rate has not changed significantly since 2006, hovering around 26 percent. Volunteerism reached nearly 29 percent from 2003 to 2005 and has been as low as 20.4 percent in 1989, says the report.

Many Young Jews Volunteer but Rarely in Faith Projects
June 24, 2011

About 80 percent of Jews age 18 to 35 have engaged in volunteer work during the past year, but by and large their volunteerism has been infrequent and not related to their faith, according to a new study.

The study, commissioned by Repair the World, which works to promote volunteerism among Jews, surveyed roughly 1,000 young Jews last fall and is believed to be the first in-depth look at volunteerism within a faith group, according to Jon Rosenberg, Repair the World’s CEO. Many of the findings apply to any religious group, he says.

When giving back, corporate America takes a different path
June 24, 2011

A recent charitable giving report found that corporate America stepped up to the plate to give in larger numbers last year, up 8.8% after inflation from the year before.

But not every corporation is writing checks these days.

For instance, this year, in honor of its 100-year anniversary, IBM asked its employees around the world to commit to a day of service on June 15, and more than 300,000 took the call. According to the company, close to three-quarters of its global workforce volunteered in more than 5,000 projects in 120 countries.

Deloitte Survey Finds Workers Who Frequently Volunteer Are Happier With Career Progression
June 9, 2011

A new Deloitte survey reveals that millennials who frequently participate in workplace volunteer activities are far more likely to be proud, loyal and satisfied employees compared to those who rarely or never volunteer. The findings come from the eighth annual Deloitte Volunteer IMPACT Survey. Further, more than one-third of those who frequently volunteer are more likely to be very satisfied with the progression of their career. These and other findings from the survey suggest a link between volunteerism and the quality of employee engagement as well as favorable employee perceptions of organizational culture.

For Some, Helping With Disaster Relief Is Not Just Aid, It’s a Calling
May 11, 2011

With the ability to feed 20,000 people from one mobile kitchen, and a chain of command so tightly run it would make a military officer proud, the Southern Baptist Convention teams are the backbone of disaster relief in the South. Nearly 95,000 Baptists across the country are trained to handle disasters. After the Red Cross and Salvation Army, the Baptist group is the biggest disaster relief organization in the country.

Thousands of church members are doing their part to help the South recover from the recent tornadoes. They raise money, sort clothing donations and hand out water.

10 Foolproof Fundraising Tactics
May 1, 2011

The economy … well … sucks at the moment! But does that really mean nobody is giving? Nope! Fundraising is alive and well and even thriving. I have 10 tips to help you get your share of the money that's going around.