Go On ... I Dare You
January 1, 2011

Do you have the guts? I have 10 ideas that might scare the daylights out of you. They're probably difficult, politically unpopular or against the rules of your organization. Furthermore, these ideas might not work for you. They could even be very, very bad for you. But I don't think so. These are good ideas that have worked for others who made them happen despite the difficulties. I dare you to try at least one.

5 Fundraising Trends for 2011
December 28, 2010

At the Direct Marketing Fundraisers Association Year-End Luncheon, veteran fundraising expert Roger Craver, founder of DonorTrends and editor of The Agitator, shared five fundraising trends to get on top of in 2011.

Fundraising and the Backward Brain
November 1, 2010

We found eight distinct cases of hemispheric flip in direct-mail fundraising. Hemispheric flip is when the sides of the brain are incorrectly deployed: What should be rational decisions are made emotionally ... and vice versa.

3 Steps to Cash In on Existing Donor Referrals
July 20, 2010

More than 80 percent of donors would recommend the organizations they support to another potential donor, yet many organizations rarely ask for existing donor referrals.